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James Gittins EPK and Bio

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Emerging independent producer and songwriter James Gittins is set to release the grooving remix of his popular single, “That Funky,” on all major streaming platforms on 3rd June 2022


Gittins has enjoyed industry-wide accolades for powerful songs delivered by soulful vocalists like Cat McTigue. Cat featured in Gittins original “That Funky,” which has been played on radio stations and in DJ sets across the world — including the legendary Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show Tour.


Now “That Funky” (The Club Mix) brings back the best elements of the single while providing a fresh iteration that takes the song into the dance stratosphere.


Lasting around three and a half minutes at 123 bpm, “That Funky”(The Club Mix) begins with a sixteen-second intro featuring stylistically edited clips from the main hook. The foundational key progression amalgamates with the melodic brass to build a sense of anticipation for the main vocal. Combined with funky synth-bass and rhythmic percussion, the instrumentation provides a perfect launchpad for Cat’s vocals without dominating the mix.


Cat McTigue is a standout talent who has toured with Tom Grennan, played multiple European festivals, and performed live on the BBC. Her impressive range and unwavering control seamlessly synchronise with the track’s club feel, offering listeners a soulful performance alongside her harmonising backup vocals.


The main instrumentation pulls back at various stages allowing the overall intensity to shift and transform for a captivating start-to-finish musical journey. As the single draws to a close, listeners find themselves enveloped in a hypnotic vibe that invites repeat listens.


Gittins signed McTigue as the perfect vocalist for this track and has now signed another outstanding female talent to feature in a string of funk, disco and house releases planned for 2022.



Gittins receives inspiration from the entire spectrum of music genres, combining all manner of compositional elements from funk, soul, disco, rock and house to form his unique sound.


After cancelling his self-promoted 2020 tour due to the pandemic, he used the unplanned extra time to evolve his songwriting and arrangements and recruited an entirely new team with the goal of crafting purer styles of music.


To date, Gittins has released one album and five singles across all major streaming platforms — including fan-favourites like “That Funky” and “Ma Music”, his breakout tracks which have generated his largest following.


In addition to his work as an artist, Gittins is already a successful businessman and conservation activist, and his London music protests against whale and dolphin hunting will soon feature in an independent film by Russian director and tech entrepreneur Dmitry Falkovich.


That Funky (The Club Mix) will be followed by a string of releases coming from Gittins over the next six months before he starts recording his second album late in 2022. Stream That Funky (the Club Mix) everywhere from 3rd June and follow James Gittins on social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases and performances.




A very different journey.....


James Gittins is an independent music artist, writer, composer, producer, and performer. Even while he juggles a range of roles as an artistic multi-hyphenate, at any given moment, his goal remains the same: to make great, original music in collaboration with remarkable artists to help the world become a better place with a strong conservation and nature message embedded deeply in every song.


At all times, James is ready to remix his own acclaimed funk tracks into energetic dancefloor bangers and also welcome fellow producers and their fresh remixes.


James began learning classical music at age eight and started composing at thirteen. He then fell into the 90s hedonistic rave scene at fifteen. While this may have been a premature entry point, it put him in touch with some of the era’s greatest music artists and dancefloor pioneers.


After a dark period in his late teens, James reassessed his goals and began travelling the globe to make his mark in the business world. Now, after a 20 + year hiatus, he has returned to the music industry with increased skills and life experience and an ongoing passion for his parallel career — his is work propelled to new levels of artistry and excellence.

James’s talents have aired numerous times on the BBC, and he has toured extensively. He played to over 10,000 people at The Time is Now and The Youth Climate Strike in 2019. James is a lifelong conservation activist, an advocate for stronger climate legislation, and has protested whale and dolphin hunting across multiple London embassies.


To date, James has released one album and five singles across all major streaming platforms — including fan-favourites like “Ma Music,” which has generated the largest following, in addition to “That Funky,” his breakout track featuring vocals from Cat McTigue, a funk artist who grabbed the attention of the music scene while touring with Tom Grennan and playing multiple European festivals. James has created a reimagined version of “That Funky,” known as “That Funky” (The Club Mix),’ designed to imbue a room with an immersive, hypnotic club vibe.


James expresses gratitude for his team, his listeners, his collaborators — and gratitude for the struggles and joys of the journey thus far. As several high-profile followers have helped lay the foundation for his “breakthrough,” he continues to develop a wealth of new material with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of inspiration and love for our planet.

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