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James Gittins EPK and Bio

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James Gittins is an independent Music Artist, Producer and Songwriter.  His upcoming single, ‘That Funky’ is to be released November 2021 and has early accolades from across the music industry, played on BBC introducing and featuring in DJ sets across the world including Craig Charles Funk and Soul show.


For this upbeat Funk and Groove track, James teamed up with powerful soulful vocalist Cat McTigue who has toured with Tom Grennan, played multiple European festivals and performed live on the BBC.


The single lasts around three and a half minutes and sits at 115bpm. The track commences with a sixteen second intro that sets the tone for the main vocal line. Cat’s stylistic vocal colour flows seamlessly with the upbeat vibe of the instrumental accompaniment. The subtle layering of multiple intimate vocal elements adds a creative flare and depth to the overall sound.


The rhythmic beat combines with the foundational bass and melodic saxophone to provide the perfect platform for the vocal. The MP3 can be downloaded from James Full Discography on this page.


After cancelling his self-promoted 2020 tour due to the pandemic, independent artist James took time to evolve his song writing and musical arrangement and recruit a new production team and craft purer styles of music.


Although he receives inspiration from the entire spectrum of music genres, James combines a variety of compositional elements from funk, soul, disco, rock and house to form his unique sound.


James has cultivated a plethora of radio plays and performance experience over recent years; he was featured on BBC Introducing and played to over 10,000 people at The Time is Now and The Youth Climate Strike in 2019.


In addition to his work as an artist, James is a successful businesman and conservation activist and his London music protests against whale and dolphin hunting are to feature in an independent film by Russian Director and Tech Entrepreneur Dmitry Falkovich.



That Funky is the first in a string of releases coming from James over the next six months before he starts recording his second album in 2022.


To date, James Gittins has released one album and four singles across all major streaming platforms. One of his most popular releases, ‘Ma Music’, has amassed more than six thousand streams on Spotify alone. With a growing number of followers and listeners, there is no denying the fact that James Gittins has developed a dedicated following of loyal fans who will be eager to hear his upcoming single.

Conservation Disco Musician James Gittin

A very different musical journey...


James was born into a very musical family in Norfolk in the summer of 76. He started playing classical guitar when he was 8 and progressed through the music grades, he first performed live aged 10, wrote his first full song aged 13 and owned his first electric guitar when aged 14. He was a passionate teenage musician and writer


But this is where the well trodden path of an up and coming teenage musician dropped off a cliff


James entered the hedonistic Rave scene aged just 15 when he saw Carl Cox play in 1991. This was followed by The Prodigy on their Experience tour and just about every Hardcore and Jungle act of the early 90’s in a music venue or field, before he progressed into the world of House and Garage, watching nearly every major DJ of the time who played in the UK. He flunked his education and aged 18 he found himself in a dark place and walked away from making music and playing the guitar



20 + years later and after enjoying a successful life in business and technology whilst retaining his passion for music and the natural world, it was time to pick up the guitar and return to making music, this time to take the message of planet preservation onto the dancefloor


He hasn’t stopped since

James Gittins and University of Sussex T
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