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Halloween pre release music video by James Gittins!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Enjoy the spooky music video to my latest single Cool, set for release around Halloween 2020.

Hope you like this as much as I do Beware the lighting effects!

Loved writing, composing and recording this punchy, punky, funky, rap, reggae, carnival, blended track and making the Voodoo inspired music video to accompany it which is perfect for a Halloween release.

Some people may get the spooky film references and recognise my character from my live performances at the Climate Strike in September 2019 and in London near the XR rally in December 2018.

Hope everyone loves the track and the music video and will want to let their friends hear it

Watch out for the single due for release across all streaming channels just before Halloween around the 29th October.

Massive thanks to Michael Henry Dubnine for music production, Mark Gittins @ Megatone for sound engineering, @double_d_illustrations for camera work, Sasha Lomas for modelling and my daughter Eve for her awesome first music video performance!

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