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I’m an independent music artist, writer, composer, producer & performer.

I make original funk music with amazing artists and I'm not content until I’ve remixed my tracks into dancefloor bangers.

I began learning classical music at 8, started composing at 13, then entered the 90’s rave and hedonism scene aged 15. I’ve watched and met the biggest pioneers of dance music in the world.

Then during dark times, I stopped making music when I was 18.

But I turned my life around, travelled the world and became a successful businessman.

20 years after pausing my music; and armed with an abundance of skills, experience, determination and positivity it was time to return.

I haven’t stopped making music since.

I’ve been played on BBC Introducing many times, toured all over the place and played to over 10,000 people at The Time is Now and The Youth Climate Strike in 2019.

After a long, sometimes painful (but always enjoyable) journey; I’m grateful to be an independent artist with an amazing team. Eternal thank yous go to all my listeners and high profile followers who have helped lay the foundations for my ‘breakthrough’.

I have an endless library of new material coming through for you!

I’m also an adventurer and conservation activist. My music protests against Whale and Dolphin hunting at various embassies in London have been filmed by Russian Director and Tech Entrepreneur Dmitry Falkovich.

I hope you love my music and come along for the ride

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