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I started playing classical guitar when I was 8 and started going to raves when I was 15...


By 22 I’d been through dark times and had several close calls with death thanks to a love of hedonism and wild adventures


So I turned my life around.


I travelled the world, became a successful tech businessman and returned to making music armed with an abundance of new skills, relentless positivity and renewed determination to help the world :)

I’m an independent music artist, writer, composer, producer and performer


I started playing classical music at 8 and started writing and composing at 13. I fell headfirst into the hedonistic 90s rave scene at 15 and watched some of the eras dance music pioneers


Then during dark times in my late teens I stopped writing and composing but my love of dance music never stopped


After many years away in business, I’ve returned to my passion for music to help the world become a better place. Now I’ve started making music again, I can’t stop.


I collaborate with enormously talented artists to create original fresh tracks, infused with funk and disco then remix them into dancefloor bangers with a twist.


My passion for our natural world drives everything I do. My mission is to make great, original music with a message from the planet embedded into every song


I’m proud to have been played numerous times on the BBC and stations all over the world and played to over 10,000 people at The Time is Now and The Youth Climate Strike in 2019.


I have enormous gratitude for my team, my listeners, my collaborators — and for the experiences on my journey so far. Numerous high-profile followers have helped lay the foundation for my breakthrough and driven me to continuously create new music with motivation, positivity and a deep love for our planet at the core.


Come join me for the ride

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